The history surrounding Perak is not merely one of a colonial past and industry, namely tin, it is based on a period of time when people from many backgrounds and different parts of the world first came to Perak and to Malaysia.


Many made fortunes and the ‘towkays’ of Perak are legendary. People from many ethnic groups from Malaysia, Asia, and the West have roots in Perak.

The capital city Ipoh is known for its distinctive landmarks, including a baroque railway station, and streets lined with traditional shophouses – literally where the owners live above the store below. Following the decline of the tin mining industry and similarly the fortunes of Ipoh, the city has been revitalised in recent years and is now the hip place to start with your journey to discover the surrounding areas and attractions.

Perak has a green and clean environment, the jewel in the crown in this regard being the Royal Belum State Park, a tropical rainforest wilderness with picturesque karst landscapes. Its wild rivers and caves provide settings for outdoor activities, including white-water rafting.

Another jewel in Perak’s crown are the easily accessible beaches and resorts of Pangkor and Pangkor Laut islands.

Lost World of Tambun

Pangkor & Pangkor Laut

Bukit Larut

Ubudiah Mosque

Kuala Kangsar Royal Town

Taiping Lake Garden