Mount Kinabalu is one of the destinations frequented by both local and international mountain climbing experts.


It resides at the West Coast Division of Sabah, and is the main attraction of Kinabalu Park, a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Its elevation of 4,095 metres and 13,435 feet above sea level is the highest elevation in Borneo’s Crocker Range, the highest mountain in Malaysia, as well as the 20th most topographically prominent mountain. The summit rises nearly twice as high as the other peaks of the Crocker Range and promises a breathtaking sight with the crown of wild granite soaring at the top.

The name Kinabalu was derived from a Kadazan (the largest ethnic group in Sabah) word, Aki Nabalu which means ‘the revered place of the dead.’ Gruesome? Not to worry because provided that you are healthy and physically fit for an adventure of a lifetime, Mount Kinabalu would welcome you to a climbing adventure at one of the safest and most conquerable peaks in the world.

Two trails can be chosen to reach the summit, namely the Ranau trail and the Kota Belud trail. The first checkpoint for climbers will be Panalaban (3,272m), followed by Sayat Sayat (3,668m) and the final climb to the highest peak; The Low’s peak (4,095m). These trails span about 8.72 kilometres in distance.