Classified as a National Park, a Biosphere Reserve, and deemed as the biggest park in Sabah, this enormous park is located just two hours from the well-known Mount Kinabalu.


The park is one of Sabah’s natural treasures, with astonishing wonders in its landscape; from its full-flowing pristine rivers, deep valleys, montane waterfall, to the flourishing rainforest.

Being blessed with a diversity of rare and endemic species of plants and wildlife from its lowland tropical forest to the higher montane forest, Crocker Range Park was listed as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Covering 1,400 square kilometres of the area, the park also plays an important role in providing a clean source of water for the entire West Coast of Sabah – providing a source for drinking water, for agriculture, and for industrial purposes. The park is one of the places with the highest precipitation in Sabah making it an obvious water catchment area and a natural freshwater reserve area. So, it is best to plan your journey outside of the monsoon season for the best experience in Crocker Range Park.