Kampung Boyan is one of the many authentic Malay villages along the north bank of the Sarawak River.


One can expect to see rows and rows of colourful traditional Malay houses, with nuances of modern architecture. There is a stark contrast between the village and the opposing, bumbling Kuching downtown that you can see from the waterfront (which is also a center for hawkers when night falls). You can also take the local river taxi, or fondly known as Penambang, to get to the other side.

The village is known as the place for you to scout for the ever-famous kuih lapis Sarawak or layered cakes. These delectable cakes are made of layers and layers of colourful batter and are usually served during festive seasons. Most of these kuih lapis businesses are passed down from one generation of the family to another. It’s easy to spot them as tourists flock these cake shops for souvenirs and snacks all round the clock.