Tenggol Island is part of a group of islands within the southern regions of the Terengganu Marine Park.


Most people visit the Tenggol for its amazing diving possibilities; there are 20 dive sites around the island. Non-divers could enjoy some snorkeling around the island. Experience the thrill of swimming with sharks, stingrays and other unique sea creatures as you lose yourself in the calm waters of the sea. Among the diving spots is Rajawali Reef, famous for its corals which are teeming with marine fish like batfish and of course, the black tip reef shark!

Although once uninhabited, now Pulau Tenggol offers several resorts that are comfortable for you and the rest of your family. There’s actually more to this island than just a diver’s paradise. Venture into the deep forested rocky hills that will surely get your adrenaline pumping.