Lost World Of Tambun is Malaysia’s premiere action and adventure family holiday destination.


A wholesome family experience awaits everyone behind its majestic walls with everything you could possibly want from amusement park rides to eco-adventure thrills! That’s not all, Lost World Of Tambun is also located in one of Malaysia’s most historic cities, rich with culture and heritage. More than just a theme park, Lost World Of Tambun is a destination to be visited.

This self-contained wonderland is cocooned by lush tropical jungle, natural hot springs, breathtaking limestone features of 400 million years old and seven amazing attraction parks making it the ultimate day and night  destination for a unique eco-adventure excursion for visitors of all ages. Just a stone’s throw away is the Lost World Hotel, a perfect snooze chamber after a long day of adventure.

Lost World Of Tambun offers not only a “lost paradise” that promises fun and wholesome experience for all ages but also a conducive learning environment with a range of fun educational elements around the park. It is also the only theme park in Southeast Asia with natural hot springs coupled with an array of attractions and rides.