Only a mere hour away from the capital city, Taiping is a place filled with historical monuments and story and it is also a perfect fit for those who love to get in touch with nature.


As the second largest town in Perak, Taiping was once the centre of the mining industry for decades where it had gathered the interest of British and Chinese miners resulting in a collection of British colonial buildings in the city.

The lake has been an attraction since 1884 and was created from abandoned tin mines. Surrounded by gigantic 100-year-old rain trees, this lake is a perfect fit for a quick picnic time and plenty of photo opportunities at a 64-hectare green oasis that will make you fall in love.

When tin mines were discovered in Taiping, the city becomes one of the earliest developed places in the country. This also means that the city is full of ‘firsts’! Yes, from the first clock tower ever built to the first hospital, first railway, first European club, first public park, first prison and they even have the First Galleria history museum. Not only did it tell the history of the ‘firsts’ in Taiping, but this museum is also an interactive heritage centre.