Translucent water and a long stretch of clean sandy beach with exotic flora and fauna, isolated from the busy bustling city life – that’s a perfect description of heaven on earth!


Located in Pahang, Pulau Tioman is famously known as an untouched and fairly remote eco-tourism destination. The wonderful island is fairly small in size but magnificent in its features. With a land area of only 136 km², the island consists of  7 villages – with Kampung Tekek possessing the highest population.

Tioman Island is a standout choice and a sought-after diving destination for enthusiasts. This remote island boasts a turf that is graced with too many beautiful wonders to dive for – big school of fishes, turtles, rays, and colourful corals! Diving at Tioman can also give you the exclusive opportunity of spotting the very rare Whale Shark.

Even if diving is not your forte, you could still embrace many other activities around the island. Snorkelling is also a catch around Tioman, near Kampung Ayer Batang jetty or at Pulau Rengis and Pulau Tulai respectively while Kayaking is also frequented by locals and foreigners alike.

Apart from being home to exotic fauna, Pulau Tioman is also home to extraordinary floras – and is a paradise for those who enjoy jungle trekking. Get yourself indulged in the amazing rainforest with tall trees to shade your walk, listen to the lovely chirps of birds, and spot lizards and insects among them. One of the most popular treks in Tioman is the walk from Pantai Ayer Batang to the Monkey Bay. As the name suggests, monkeys will be a normal sighting along your journey; so make sure not to leave your bags unattended and to practice caution during the hike.